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Rush Fee: Standard orders are processed within seven business days. If you desire an immediate rush order, a rush fee will apply. Please check the rush fee box and add your desired pick-up date and time to the order comment box below. A single shirt order is not considered a rush and is generally printed the next business day.

Artwork: Some orders may require an artwork/ design fee. Please check the box if artwork/design is needed for your order. If you have not paid the fee, once the order has been received we will contact you if an art fee is required.

ARTWORK DISCLAIMER: Customer images and/or designs are printed as-is. We are not responsible for blurred, low-resolution designs submitted by customers. The output of the design differs by the type of print chosen and also by the type of substrate it is printed on. For the best print quality, we highly recommend that you have your files created by a graphic designer in PSD or AI format @ 300PPI. If you have a large file to submit with your order. Please submit it directly to please include your invoice # in the subject line. If you desire to have one of our team members edit your files or create a print-ready file, please check the above artwork fee button and proceed to check out. For the best output, we also recommend that you adhere to the print-type suggestions made by our staff. Our ultimate goal is to give you the best print with the highest quality. Should you decide to neglect the print advice of our staff, you will hold FULL responsibility if you are not satisfied with your items. Absolutely NO Refund or Reprint will be given.

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